Our highly skilled Installation Engineers have over 30 years of combined experience in applying our craft to the super yachts industry. We have worked both in the UK and worldwide, working on various structures internally and externally. We’ve worked on a variety of boats in over 14 countries, covering Europe, Asia and the USA – no job is too far!

We are based just outside of Romsey in Upper Timsbury, about a 20-30 minute drive from Southampton. Please pop in to talk about your enquiry and we can give you advice and talk through what you specifically require.


Are you thinking of buying a boat but don’t like the colour? Do you want to smarten up your yacht before you sell it? Why paint when you can wrap? A vinyl wrap is a more cost-effective way of covering your boat, and can be completed in just a matter days – it’s great for if you have a tight timescale and budget. Vinyl is not affected by UV like paint is; the colour will last much longer. Vinyl wraps are also reversible, so if you change your mind, it’s not a problem.

With our huge variety of different colours and finishes, we can create the look you want. Keep it classic with ‘Boat Blue’, or make a statement with a ‘Psychedelic’ film


1. How long will it take

This depends on the size of the project. On average a hull wrap can take between 2-3 days, the smaller the project the less time needed. A vinyl wrap is much quicker than a paint or gel application.

2. What is the durability under UV?

This really does depend on a number of factors, such as where the boat is based, the condition of the surface is applied to. In the UK, for example, the lifespan of the vinyl can last at least 7 years.

As an example we have previously wrapped a 72ft motor yacht 6 years ago this boat has spent the last 6 years in the Mediterranean and still looks as good as the day it was wrapped 6 years ago.

3. Maintaining the vinyl?

There is no real need to do anything, keeping it clean simply by soapy water and a microfibre cloth.

4. Will I see any joins?

You will only see them if you are really looking for them. Here at Yacht Wraps UK we will have a team of very experienced fitters with an eye for detail. All joins if required (only on the larger yachts) will be hidden within the light lines or where is the most suited. If any joins are required they will be neat and consistent in size.

5. If I want the wrap removed

Here at Yacht Wraps Uk, we only use the finest films available, knowing full well that when it comes to removing the film or changing the colour, our films will remove with minimal adhesive left behind and the surface in the condition it was before the wrap was applied.

6. Can my wrap be repaired?

A localised patch repair can be done by the owner or crew if required, we do always leave spare material after every wrap. In the event of major damage this can be repaired by our skilled installation team.

7. benefits of vinyl wrapping compared to the paint or gel?

Wrapping is becoming a very popular alternative to paint or gel. Why? It’s quicker meaning less down time and it’s cheaper which saves you money. It requires less maintenance and it’s cheaper to repair. It’s also UV protected for longer.


In order for us to price match yacht wraps and boat wraps, we will need to see proof of quote stating material specifications. Please upload this using the feature in the form.


We only like to use premium vinyl films from trusted brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison and Metamark. Please view the latest colours our suppliers have to offer…

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